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Greenfield Acres Gilbert, Arizona 

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Bulk trash guidelines: Here are the rules according to the Town of Gilbert.


GENERAL GUIDELINES (both bulky household items and green waste)

  • A maximum of 10 cubic yards (roll-off containers) of non-compacted bulky household items and green waste (roughly 5' wide by 10' long by 5' high, or approximately one 3/4 ton pick-up truck full) will be collected without additional charge each month per household.

  • Bulk Trash should be placed on the owner's property near the sidewalk (or curb if no sidewalk exists).

  • Stacked trash should not be placed on sidewalks, curbing or roadway in any manner that will interfere with or be hazardous to pedestrians or vehicles.

  • All items should be placed away from electrical boxes, cable boxes, mail boxes, light poles, water meters and existing landscape.

  • Bulk Trash should be placed out for pick-up no earlier than the weekend immediately before your scheduled collection week.

Our Bulk Trash is picked up the week of the first monday of the month.




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